Art Nouveau Building 3This project is a renovation and modernization proposal of an Art Nouveau building constructed in 1886 in Cracow, Poland near the city’s main rail station.

Art Nouveau Building 4

The building has constantly been transformed over the last century with the installation of elevators in 1913, a wood and steel mezzanine in 1985,  and new water and electric infrastructure in 1990. Today the building is in very bad condition and it is primarily used as  retail space.

Art Nouveau Building

Mikolaj Scibisz from the Cracow University of Technology proposal, includes an organic free standing structure that would fill the interior of the building. The new structure is formally distinct from the original but it has been designed following the same rules and logics of organization. The composition, proportion, and rhythm derives from the original building to create a modern art gallery with big open areas to accommodate the appropriate contemporary artwork.

Art Nouveau Building 2

Art Nouveau Building 5

 Art Nouveau Building 6

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