Rescue Tip-Board

The Rescue Tip-Board a fully inflatable life-raft makes it easier to rescue people from the water.

Images © Spark design

The Rescue Tip-Board developed by Spark design, is ‘a solution for the Dutch fire service that guarantees a safe rescue up to 200 metres from shore.’

Rescue Tip-Board (4)

Rescue workers can reach a drowning victim quickly with the inflatable life-raft and provide effective assistance. This increases the chances of survival for the drowning person significantly.

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The Rescue Tip-Board is an ergonomic tool that allows rescue workers to pluck drowning victims from shallow water without having to use excessive force. By standing on the back of the raft, the craft tilts. The rescue worker can then easily haul the drowning person out of the water and on board the life-raft by simply holding onto the victim and leaning backwards. In this way, manhandling is reduced to a minimum.

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