The Revival of the Giant virus 2

It is not a title of a movie but an actual fact, a mix of French and Russian researchers revive a 30,000 year old ‘giant virus’ from Siberian permafrost.

Image © Pithovirus sibericum/ Julia Bartoli and Chantal Abergel, IGS and CNRS-AMU

Due to global warming new biological threats are posed to human or animal health. The giant virus, dubbed Pithovirus sibericum (from “pithos,” the ancient Greek word for a jar), was able to infect amoeba cells but the scientists believe it doesn’t seem to pose a threat to human health. The virus was found in a 30-metre deep sample of permanently frozen soil taken from coastal tundra in Chukotka, near the East Siberia Sea, where the average annual temperature is minus 13.4 degrees Celsius.

The Revival of the Giant virus 1

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