Revolutionary head up display

A revolutionary Head-Up Display to help drivers avoid collisions in poor-visibility, alerts drivers to the whereabouts of other cars in dense fog, is being developed developed at GCU.

The Head-Up Display (HUD) developed by Professor Vassilis Charissis and his team, based in the Virtual Reality and Simulation Laboratory (VRS Lab) within the School of Engineering and Built Environment at Glasgow Caledonian University.

The innovative windscreen of the car highlights where other vehicles are on the motorway within a 400-metre range.

Professor Charissis, an award-winning computer scientist and engineer who has participated in multiple commercial and academic projects, said:


“Driving is a demanding psychomotor activity which can be significantly hampered by adverse weather conditions. Drivers’ spatial and situational awareness suffers in such conditions, as neighbouring vehicles and other objects can be hard to see and avoid.

“Being able to see clearly obstacles on the road while driving, despite visual restrictions such as thick fog, is important to avoid collisions. Head-up Displays (HUDs) are a potential solution to this problem as they can provide the user with information directly in the field of view, allowing the driver to remain focused on the road.

“The HUD system projects crucial information on the windscreen, using augmented digital input to enhance the real environment. The presented data can provide notification of road markings, the proximity of neighbouring vehicles and warnings of traffic congestion to enhance human responses and improve driving safety.”

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source GCU