the roof of the World

A lone motorcycle wends its way to the roof of the World, Mount Everest‘s Base Camp, approaching from the Chinese side. In the native language of Tibet, its name is Chomolungma, often translated as “mother of the universe.”    Image © Jeff Dai; Jeff’s Web site

In the darkening sky, above the snow and ice flanked Himalayas, the yellow-red star Antares at the Scorpion‘s heart rises at left; to its right the stars of Centaurus shine their blue light over the top of the world. Note that the Everest Base Camp is made up of two separate camps, — on opposite sides of Chomolungma. The North Base Camp is in Tibet and lies at 16,900 ft (5,150 m). Photo taken on April 30, 2014.   Summary AuthorJeff Dai

source EPOD