first projection watch

Ritot is the first projection watch, a completely different, original timepiece, inspired by future technologies.

Ritot watch designed by Ukrainian-based Michael Medvid, its projector beams time and notifications onto the wearer’s hand.

Ritot will help you to stay on top of things with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts. Dismiss a notification with a shake of your wrist.

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Luminous flux is enough for such picture size on such close distance to be visible at daytime. The most visible colors under the strong sunlight are red and blue.

In the result of the mirror and digital distortion  we receive a smooth projection. Alternative way is to correct it by optics. It is real to make the digital setting profile for projection on your hand.

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The watch case is made of plastic with rubber inserts for a comfortable wear on the arm. The watch strap is fully made ​​of rubber with a convenient padlock. Currently the watch is available in black, white, red, green, blue and yellow.

• Ritot has special projection technology which allows using them at day and night.
• Due to high quality materials and technical components, Ritot has extended operation life.
• Our projection technology is absolutely safe for your skin and health.
• You may change the projection color in one click. There are more than 20 colors available.
• There are two ways to activate projection: you may touch the button or just shake your hand.
• The projection disappears automatically in 10 seconds.
• Waterproof.
• Size for any hand.
• Unisex design.
• 24 or 12 hour time display mode.
• Projection view is changeable for left and right hand.

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