RL Mark VI revolutionary Space Diving suit

The revolutionary RL Mark VI Space Diving suit by Solar System Express and Juxtopia LLC, will allow future thrill seekers and space tourists an experience that up until now could only be imagined.     Image © Solar System Express

Above: Officer Blaze Sanders wearing a Final Frontier Design space suit.

Beyond sky diving, space diving is the next big step. The RL MARK VI would allow high-altitude jumps from near-space, suborbital space, and eventually low Earth orbit itself.

Will also allow spaceflight participants a way of escape from a possibly on-orbit emergency.

RL Mark VI Space Diving suit a hi-tech ensemble consisting of augmented reality goggles, control moment gyros, power gloves.

RL Mark VI with augmented reality gogglesImage © Solar System Express

Inspired by Joe Kittinger who in 1960 leap from a balloon 30km high, this is a glimpse of the great new sport we’ll be seeing in a few years.

Solar System Express’ entry into round #1 of the Intel Innovator $100,000 contest.

Skydiving on Earth is already extreme, but research pioneers want to jump from rockets at the edge of space. At Sol-X we are creating a space suit add-on with thrusters so that skydivers can stabilize their descent. This suit could also allow wingsuit fliers to land safely without a parachute, and will improve the safety of commercial spaceflight passengers launching in 2013. I am Ami Kumordzie and this is Project Daedalus from Solar System Express.

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