Robotic Bat Wing

A robotic bat wing developed by researchers at Brown University, providing valuable new information about dynamics of flapping flight in real bats.   Check out the video…    Image © Breuer and Swartz labs/Brown University

Above: A robotic bat wing lets researchers measure forces, joint movements, and flight parameters — and learn more about how the real thing operates in nature.

Robotic Bat Wing

Joseph Bahlman, a graduate student at Brown who led the project, said:

“We can’t ask a bat to flap at a frequency of eight hertz then raise it to nine hertz so we can see what difference that makes. They don’t really cooperate that way.

We can answer questions like, ‘Does increasing wing beat frequency improve lift and what’s the energetic cost of doing that? We can directly measure the relationship between these kinematic parameters, aerodynamic forces, and energetics.”

source Brown University

via notcot