Roboy- Tendon Driven Humanoid Robot

Roboy a tendon driven Humanoid Robot by the University of Zurich’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, is an advanced humanoid that can help people in daily living.   Watch the videos…

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Roboy tendon driven Humanoid Robot is designed to emulate humans and help out in daily environments.

In order to speed up development time of the project, Roboy will be financed by private funds.

In return for a contribution, the developers offer to every supporter, to have his name or logo engraved on a Roboy.

Roboy- Tendon Driven Humanoid Robot


How can a robot walk like a human? See the research results for ROBOY from the Institute of Biomechanical Engineering, ZHAW, Winterthur.

Roboy- Tendon Driven Humanoid Robot

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