Round art of Pi 1

Science artist Martin Krzywinski together with Cristian Ilies Vasile, had the idea of representing the infinite randomness of π, as a path traced by links between successive digits, resulting these eye-catching circular diagrams.

Images © Cristian Ilies Vasile

“Each digit is assigned a segment around the circle and a link between segment i and j corresponds to the appearance of ij in π. For example, the “14” in “3.14…” is drawn as a link between segment 1 and segment 4.

The position of the link on a digit’s segment is associated with the position of the digit π. For example, the “14” link associated with the 2nd digit (1) and the 3rd digit (4) is drawn from position 2 on the 1 segment to position 3 on the 4 segment.

As more digits are added to the path, the image becomes a weaving mandala.”

Round art of Pi (2)

via popsci

sources Martin Krzywinski,   Cristian Ilies Vasile