Steampunk bike

Mikhail Smolyanov initially wanted to create a bike with racing car designs of the 1920s are fitted with aircraft engines. However, he instead makes the motor’s steampunk style, stylish design combined steam engine era of the 19th century with elements of science fiction or fantasy.

Steampunk bike (1)

Steampunk bike (4)

Steampunk bike (2)


Motor that is merely the image is named ARX-4 Steampunk.

“I also added a detail part of the V8 engine. Happens to ya like this,” said architect from Moscow, Russia, who had also made ​​a number of motor design and the steampunk styled car.

Embedding old racing car design can be seen on tank shells and machine. Likewise, the number “27” at the stern.

The wheels as well as the curve of the speedometer, windshield, tank shells and machine are given an impression of minimalist design elements. Straight wheels grip like a wagon and the rear wheels are driven by the axle. The axle can be seen from the mounting pole in the right rear.

The seat is made of leather, with leather bags in front. The designer has also added a detailed part of V8 engine. The wing motor design is taken from the plane giving a vintage look and feel to the vehicle.