Russian K-560 Severodvinsk

Russian Navy just finished K-560 Severodvinsk, the most-advanced nuclear-powered submarine. It took 20 years to built it.    Image © wikimedia

The Russian K-560 Severodvinsk, nuclear-powered multipurpose submarine, is nearly 400 foot long, manned by a crew of about 90, has a displacement of 13,800 tons and can travel up to 30 knots while submerged.

Russian K-560 Severodvinsk

K-329 Severodvinsk. An infographic about the submarine from Russian state media in 2010. RIANovosti

The new Yasen-class submarines are a counterpart to US nuclear-powered Seawolf and Virginia class submarines.

Yasen-class submarines feature 533mm torpedoes and can fire cruise missiles from its eight vertical launching systems.

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