SafeFlame is made only of Water 1

SafeFlame produces a flame only from water! The device generates hydrogen and oxygen gases using just water and an electrical input.

Researchers from SafeFlame, a UK-based clean energy company, say their new system is safer and cooler than other gas-fueled metal-melters.

The device splits water in oxygen and hydrogen. These gases can be combusted in a brazing torch and offer advantages as an alternative to oxy-acetylene and oxy-propane.

SafeFlame technology comprises three separate features which together represent a major advance in the industry:

-The oxygen and hydrogen are generated separately. Their mixture is controlled by an innovation offering unique benefits in brazing applications, to deliver a precise stoichiometric, oxidising or reducing flame.

-The length of the flame and the heat flux imparted to the work piece can be adjusted instantaneously by adjusting the power input to the electrolyser stack.

-There is no need for any stored gases, removing explosion hazards and improving process portability.

For the moment, there is no further information on how the company generates hydrogen and oxygen gases from water.

SafeFlame is made only of Water 2

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