Amphibious, surfboard-inspired, the sandYou concept vehicle is an , electric-powered vehicle. The concept car is constructed by materials  to improve buoyancy, to boost the vehicle’s surf theme and to reduce weight.

SandYou has four fat, air-filled tires for speedy ride along the sand and flotation in the water.  The seats are constructed of wood and tissue, and the canvas roof not only blocks the sun, but can also can be used for sail.

The amphibious sandYou concept has lots more fun than a buggy.



The “car” will have four life buoy like inflated wheels, with fans incorporated within them that will rotate with the wind, and act as wind turbines, generating clean energy to charge the batteries. Projecting out of the wheel rims, these fans will also act as boat propellers guiding the car in the water.


The main frame will consist of four light seats made of wood and tissue, with small, dainty boxes attached to their topsides for carrying of personal items. A foot pedal will also be provided in front of the seats.




via thetechjournal