Simple Tourniquet

Inflatable tourniquet stems a soldier’s blood loss, can save his life in a battlefield in 25 seconds.   Take a look at the video…

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The tourniquet created by Dr Sam Scheinberg and design firm Ziba, is a device that can prevent blood loss.

The new device when placed near injury site and pumped up, stops bleeding.

In one month more than 1,200 of these tourniquets have been shipped to battle zones.

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Wounds sustained from IEDs – improvised explosive devices – have been the leading preventable cause of death for US Armed Forces in combat overseas for over a decade. SAM Medical and Ziba undertook a dynamic collaboration to develop a solution: the Junctional Tourniquet. With guidance from SAM founder Dr. Sam Scheinberg, an orthopedic surgeon, the device is already saving lives by staunching inguinal and axilla bleeding in 25 seconds or less.

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