Scientists in a new study they figure out what people see as they dream, using an MRI machine, a computer model and thousands of images from the internet.

Recent experiment in Japan after using a brain scanner to map neural activity, allowing scientists to predict categories of people’s dreams with up to 60% accuracy.

Dr Robert Stickgold, a neuroscientist and dream expert from Harvard Medical School in Boston, said:

“This is probably the first real demonstration of the brain basis of dream content.

Up until this moment, there were no grounds on which to say we don’t just make up our dreams when we wake up.”

Professor Yukiyasu Kamitani, one of the researchers, explains to the BBC:

“We were able to reveal dream content from brain activity during sleep, which was consistent with the subjects’ verbal reports. I had a strong belief that dream decoding should be possible at least for particular aspects of dreaming… I was not very surprised by the results, but excited.”

via telegraph

source Smithsonian