Scientists find an off switch for pain

St Louis University scientists find an off shutting down pain, paving the way for new treatments.

Pain is affecting more Americans than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined.

The research team led by Daniela Salvemini, professor of pharmacological and physiological sciences at St Louis University, MO, publish their findings in the journal Brain.

In this research they demonstrated that activation of the A3 adenosine receptor subtype is key in mediating the pain.

Salvemini said:

“It has long been appreciated that harnessing the potent pain-killing effects of adenosine could provide a breakthrough step towards an effective treatment for chronic pain. Our findings suggest that this goal may be achieved by focusing future work on the A3AR pathway, in particular, as its activation provides robust pain reduction across several types of pain.

These studies suggest that A3AR activation by highly selective small molecular weight A3AR agonists such as MRS5698 activates a pain-reducing pathway supporting the idea that we could develop A3AR agonists as possible new therapeutics to treat chronic pain.”

via sciencedaily

source St Louis University