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Kraken, a legendary monster that ate whales and even ships! Fossils that researchers claim to belong to an ancient squid, revive the idea of the ancient sea monster.

Images © Mark McMenamin

Claims have been made by Professor Mark McMenamin, a paleontologist at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

The fossil found by Professor McMenamin in Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada, is believed to be part of the beak of a giant ancient octopus- or squid-type creature.

This has revived claims made that a mythical sea monster called the Kraken may have actually existed.

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Sea monster Kraken existed (1)

Professor McMenamin initially found the strange arrangement of vertebrae of the ichthyosaur Shonisaurus popularis (a sea reptile), that lived around 200 million to 250 million years ago, in Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada.

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McMenamin told LiveScience:

‘When I saw that photograph, basically my eyeballs popped out.

We think one plausible explanation of this is an attack on the icthyosaur by a much larger predator.’

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