Second generation Bridgestone Airless-Tires (2)

Bridgestone’s second-generation airless-tires, will have larger diameter, handle speeds of up to 40 mph and improved load-bearing capabilities.

Bridgestone non-pneumatic tires are one step closer to a viable, commercially available air free tire.

With a unique structure of spokes stretching along the inner sides of the tires supporting the weight of the vehicle, there is no need to periodically refill the tires with air, meaning that the tires require less maintenance. At the same time the worry of punctures is eliminated. In addition, the spoke structure is made from thermoplastic resin*1 and, along with the rubber in the tread portion, the materials used in the tires are recyclable, contributing to the efficient use of resources.

Second generation Bridgestone Airless-Tires (1)

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