If you could see your Cellular Network 1

Smartphone it would be nothing without a cellular network, giving you the ability to talk, text and browse the web. You may not see the infrastructure used by your cellphone provider, but the invisible network it’s there, and this is what it would look like if you could see it.

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If you could see your Cellular Network

New York City



Danilo Erricolo Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago and Fran Harackiewicz, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, explain:

A regular, hexagonal grid of cellular base-station sites is conceptualized for Chicago, with stations at the corners of the hexagons. The area within each sector antenna radiation pattern has different users being assigned different frequencies and their signals combine to form a single perceived color in that instant. Different channel combinations from sector to sector are indicated by different colors. The channel combinations shown are not static, but rather change rapidly in time as different users are assigned different channels. But, if you were to take a photo of these rapid changes, you’d likely see a wide array of colors as seen in the illustration. Near the downtown area more users are likely to be found and the hexagonal cells are smaller to serve approximately the same numbers of users found in larger cells elsewhere. Antenna signals extending beyond the original cells provide coverage over part of Lake Michigan.

If you could see your Cellular Network 3

Washington D.C.


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