Self-Driving Mini Cooper Submarine (1)

A Self-Driving Mini Cooper submarine for commuting on the L.A. River, a concept by BMW Group Designworks USA to travel the local river system.

Images © BMW Group Designworks

The theme this year of the Design Challenge, of the Los Angeles Auto Show, is Biomimicry & Mobility 2025: Nature’s Answer to Human Challenges.

The Self-Driving Mini Cooper Submarine, is the proposition of the BMW Group Designworks USA team, for L.A.’s traffic great problem, using the underutilized rivers.

Self-Driving Mini Cooper Submarine (3)

Designer Anders Thogersen, said:

“We knew that traffic congestion was something we all wanted to improve and we have all these very big river systems in L.A. that we could use for a new highway system.”

Senior designer John Buckingham, said:

“The idea is that we’re making a submarine. Even though jellyfish were the original inspiration for the direction, we moved towards a more conventional look and we chose Mini to make it fun and playful.”

Self-Driving Mini Cooper Submarine (2)

source BMW Group DesignworksUSA