Shard tower

The Shard by Renzo Piano Building Workshop is rising fast. At 300m tall, the Shard will be the tallest building in Europe and for many this is one of the most exciting new buildings in London for decades.

Shard 2012 is an online exhibition of ‘future photography’ of the Shard exploring some of the vantage points from where the Shard might be photographed in 2012 when it is completed.

All images are © Hayes Davidson/Nick Wood and issued under creative common.

Shard tower2

It is already beyond doubt that the Shard will be a highly recognisable, photogenic symbol of London as well as one of Europe’s most photographed buildings. Photographs showing the juxtaposition of the Shard with the historic and the iconic will be highly sought after.

Shard tower3

Top: view from the south

Above: The Shard and St Paul’s, original photograph. Below: after manipulation

Shard tower4

Shard tower6Shard tower5

Shard tower7

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