Sharkstopper device

Sharkstopper world’s first acoustic shark repellent device, scares predators by producing noises like a killer whale.

The SharkStopper provides us with open-water safety from sharks and a virtual acoustic barrier for the ‘Protection of Sharks’.

The device by an inventor in Long Island, New York, it was tested in shark hotspots and kept them away by at least 5ft.

Sharkstopper device

It’s attached to a surfer or swimmer’s ankle, about the size and weight of a smartphone and emits a noise similar to the sound of killer whales.

“We utilize our patented acoustical signaling and sound technology to create sounds that are unpleasant, but not harmful, to sharks. This effectively creates a virtual wall of protection for SharkStopper users and a safe-swim barrier for Sharks.”

Available to pre-order on Kickstarter for $225 (£139)

Sharkstopper device


via Kickstarter