Sidewinder dune buggy concept

Sidewinder dune buggy concept

Sidewinder by Gray design

The Sidewinder buggy concept is designed to enjoy the hobby of sand dune racing in luxury, power and style.

The Sidewinder by Gray design, powered by 8.4-liter Chevy LSX producing 630 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. Features open Android-based platform in the dashboard.

With the asking of £157,000, must be world’s most expensive dune buggy.

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Whether it’s in the Middle East or the US, the Sidewinder is the perfect vehicle to take you from dune to dune in comfort whilst the high tech chassis will keep the car level and the handling fun.
The robust suspension features front and rear boxed chromoly arms, gear one outboard hubs, front and rear anti-sway bars and 3.0 KING bypass shock absorbers.

Inside the Sidewinder, the driver is surrounded by a full array of matching OLED infotainment and display screens delivered by Swedspot. The Swedish based company provides an open, Android-based platform for the vehicle which enables developers all over the world to fine tune the optimal user experience.

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