Siemens the German conglomerate, has just won the largest contract ever in its 160 year long corporate history to build the over 300 ICx long distance trains for Deutsche Bahn.

SIEMENS wins 6 billion contract to build Trains

The German ICx are the most modern, high-speed, eco-friendly trains. The deal is currently valued at about 6 billion euros.

Siemens has committed to deliver the trains by 2016 and the ICx will become the part of Deutsche Bahn network to form the backbone of DB main line transportation. The ICx boast 30% lesser emissions, reduced weight by over 20 tonnes, better and improved aerodynamics and power cars enable the flexible configurations of the trains. Chief executives of Siemens and DB signed the contract at DB Akademie in Potsdam.

SIEMENS wins 6 billion contract to build Trains

Siemens will deliver two ICx variants. The first is seven part multiple unit train which boasts of three driven power cars. They are capable of top speed of 230 km/h and has 499 passenger seats. The second part is 10 part multiple unit train with five power cars and can carry 724 passengers. It attains the top speed of 249 km/h. Both these variants have an on board restaurant with sitting capacity of 17-23. Both these trains are around 200 meters long. This contract is gigantic not only in its monetary value but also in the size of its contract documentation, which is said to be of 8000 pages.

Siemens CEO, Dr. Rüdiger Grube said that ICx efficiency and modular structure offers unrivaled economical operation. The flexible internal structure will open new possibilities in passenger comfort. ICx is thus setting the new paradigms in mass, long-distance transport.