Simulate the Sun's Magnetic Fields in 3-D

A team of European researchers recently simulate the Sun’s magnetic fields in 3-D, bysing data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory and the Swedish 1-meter Solar Telescope.   Image credit: Wedemeyer-Böhm et al./NASA

The spiral lines represent the velocity field in the tornado vortex. The image contain the observed swirl signature (bluish) and the Sun’s surface (reddish).

Scientists have struggled for years, to determine why the sun’s atmosphere is more than 300 times hotter than its surface.

About 11,000 magnetic twisters, some as wide as 900 miles, spin on the sun at any moment.

Now they found that these giant super-tornadoes may be injecting heat into the outer layers of the Sun.


Simulate the Sun's Magnetic Fields in 3-D Image credit: Scullion & Wedemeyer-Böhm (2012); NASAImage credit:

Illustration of an observed magnetic tornado vortex in the solar atmosphere. The background image was recorded with NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, while the stacked images were obtained with the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope (Canary Isl.). The bluish images reveal the swirl signature of a magnetic tornado. We include a map of Europe to scale.

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