Sir Patrick Moore 1923 - 2012

Sir Patrick Moore, the astronomer who inspired a generation of stargazers and Sky at Night presenter, has died at his home at the age of 89.   Image credit:

Sir Patrick Moore from 26 April 1957, he presented The Sky at Night for 55 years, until his final broadcast on 3 December 2012.

He was the world’s longest-serving TV presenter and for a lot of amateur astronomers the monthly inspiration to the stars.

The Cosmic Tourist, a marvelous book written by Patrick Moore (his last one), Brian May and Chris Lintott, presenting us with a beautiful way the 100 most stunning destinations in the Universe.

Sir Patrick Moore 1923 - 2012With one of his cat Ptolemy

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BBC The Sky at Night 2012 Other Solar Systems

This popular classical music piece used as the theme for this long running BBC science/astronomy program is the first movement from Pelléas et Mélisande,’ At the Castle Gate’ by Sibelius. This theme has been used continuously since the first programme in 1957, and is still in use today, the show was presented by Sir Patrick Moore, who has presented all but one programme since it first started back in 1957.
This is the OST version as used by the BBC.

BBC The Sky at Night 2012 Other Solar Systems

We now know there are other solar systems far away in space, but are they like ours and is there life on these strange worlds? Sir Patrick Moore goes on the quest for little green men.