I took this picture in Guadalajara, which is very well known for its skateboarding culture and locations.

I was a little worried because I didn’t have any pictures to enter this contest and there were only a few days left. So, I decided to take pictures of my friends’ shadows while they skated at night.

I talked with a good friend of mine, Alfredo Salcido, and I asked him if he could help me take the sequence. It was hard because I only used a Sunpak flash and my radio slave pointing at the wall of a very overcrowded place. When I got the sequence, I quickly went to my office and edited the pictures together. But something came to my mind, and I didn’t want to do a usual sequence that has been done many times before.

I wanted to make the sequence different, so I only used the image of when Alfredo first jumps in the air with his skateboard—and then used his shadows to create the rest of the sequence. From the moment it begins, all his movements can be seen right through to their completion. To give the image a title or describe the concept, I would name it “The Climax” because you see the best moment in the trick’s execution.

Photographer Miguel Angel López Virgen