SkyCruiser a hybrid 5-seat transformer airplane that takes off and lands vertically (VTOL), cruises at more than 500 kph / 300 mph and also has road drive capability.   Watch the video…

SkyCruiser hybrid transformer airplane developed by Krossblade Aerospace, is concept 5-seat hybrid VTOL transformer airplane with road-drive ability.

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The patent pending switchblade mechanism forms the basis of the transformation of SkyCruiser and SkyProwler. Airplanes need to fly fast and to fly fast you need to be as aerodynamically clean as possible. That’s why airplanes are long and narrow, somewhat drop-shaped and with as few ‘things’ sticking out as possible.

For vertical take-off and landing on the other hand, you need to be the opposite of aerodynamic. The more things you have sticking out producing lift (think of the extreme of a parachute for example) the easier it is to hover. This is one of the main reasons that helicopters which a great at hover, are not very good at forward flight, being slow as well as needing a lot of fuel.

The switchblade mechanism transforms an aircraft from the aerodynamically clean airplane configuration to the VTOL configuration, which features a number of rotors that together have a large rotor disc area that is ideal for hovering at low power.

The switchblade mechanism is of similar technical complexity as a gear retraction mechanism and in itself adds very little weight to SkyCruiser and SkyProwler.

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source Krossblade Aerospace