Air Pollution into Green Energy

Project Blue, a skyscraper proposal that turns air pollution into green energy, just won an honorable mention in eVolo’s 2014 Skyskcraper Competition.

This sci-fi building Project Blue by Chinese architecture students Yang Siqi, Zhan Beidi, Zhao Renbo and Zhang Tianshuo, is designed to transform pollution in the atmosphere into green energy.

Their project would absorb carbon monoxide from the air and turn it into methane that could be used to generate electricity or power cars.

Skyscraper turns Air Pollution into Green Energy

The purpose of Project Blue is to transform suspended particles into green energy by creating an enormous upside down cooling tower with a multi-tubular cyclic desulfurization system that produces nitrogen and sulfur. When both elements are combined with the atmospheres surplus of carbon monoxide the result is water coal that would later be transformed methane and used as green energy through a low-pressure reaction called low pressure efficient mathanation – a physical-chemical process to generate methane from a mixture of various gases out of biomass fermentation or thermo-chemical gasification.

via eVolo