SkyTran a Personal Rapid Transit based on magnetic levitation system, developed in collaboration with NASA, should be running by the end of 2015, in Tel Aviv.    Watch the video…

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SkyTran, hopes to revolutionize public transport.

You can call up a pod-shaped vehicle on your smart phone and will pick you up at a desired station.

A prototype of the SkyTran vehicle and a section of track have been constructed. Inductrack, the proposed magnetic levitation system for SkyTran, has been tested by General Atomics with a full-scale model. UniModal Inc. is now collaborating with NASA to test and develop SkyTran. The first public experiment will be built in Tel Aviv, with planned completion in mid 2014.

According to BBC, Chief executive Jerry Sanders described the agreement to build a test track with IAI of Israel, as a “breakthrough” for the project.

Joe Dignan, an independent smart city expert, said:

“The system represented ‘a hybrid between existing infrastructure and autonomous vehicles’.

It will get the market in the mood for autonomous vehicles – it is not too scary, is cheaper than building out a train line and uses part of the urban landscape, 20 feet above ground, that isn’t currently used.”

SkyTran 2

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