Skyway Air ambulance

Skyway Air ambulance

January 3, 2013

Skyway Air ambulance

Skyway air ambulance concept by Daniel Dobrogorsky, a first-response in an accident, or to other emergencies. Designed to be in any place in 60 seconds.

Images © Daniel Dobrogorsky

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Skyway air ambulance with vertical take off & landing (VTOL) capabilities, once onsite, the pilot/paramedic can treat, stabilise the patient, and transport him to a hospital.

Utilizing a unique electric multi-fan propulsion system that makes it smaller, faster, easy and safer to use.

The Skyway will be able to get to any place in 60 seconds, thanks to specially designed network.

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source Daniel Dobrogorsky

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  1. Mike 2015/02/24 at 10:01 am - Reply

    Daniel, it’s a great design and fantastic concept. No doubt technology will need some time to catch up before we get a real-world proof-of-concept. But I recognise in today’s UAVs the automatic stabilisation processes that would underpin the operation of this vehicle. The paramedic’s workflow is a little different to what has been described here, in that patient care continues in transit. So the vehicle would, in reality, have to accommodate two paramedics, to both manage the scene, physically load the patient and then delineate roles if one is going to ‘pilot’. You certainly got my attention…a great vision!

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