You can sleep better with Sense, hi-tech system that monitors you while sleeping. Raises $1m in just 4 days in Kickstarter!

Sensor by Hello, sits on your night table monitoring loud noise air and light quality, could become the biggest hit in Kickstarter’s history. It reached its funding target in just 7 hours.

An other sensor clips on pillow to monitor movement.
An app can tell you what interrupted your sleep, a loud noise at 5AM and more.

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Sense is a simple system that tracks your sleep behavior, monitors the environment of your bedroom and reinvents the alarm.

Sense comes with a little device called Sleep Pill. It simply attaches to your pillow and invisibly tracks your sleep at night. You don’t need to put on any uncomfortable wearables or remember to charge something or press a button. Sense knows when you’re falling asleep, soundly asleep, thrashing about, or waking up. Everything.

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