Small Mask providing 5 min of filtered Air

The 5aver is a very small mask providing 5 minutes of filtered air for emergency escapes. Designed to be mounted on the wall and used during fire evacuations.

The 5aver filter to protect from smoke, dust, carbon monoxide and other airborne particles.

The 5aver won a “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design Award earlier this year.

“When a fire breaks out, every minute counts. Within a very short time, the fire produces toxic smoke and gases, which harm the lungs and can be extremely dangerous for humans. This is why a common rule says that persons in danger have five minutes to evacuate the danger area. The concept of the 5aver integrates a flash light and a respirator in one functional unit and thus is perfectly adjusted for a sensible and quick response in the case of fire. The design of this rescue system is highly self-explanatory, it is compact and allows for an intuitive use even in extreme emergency situations. In only five seconds, users can activate the respirator, which filters 92 per cent of the toxic COs out of the air.”

Small Mask providing 5 min of filtered Air 2

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source Red Dot Design Award