Chaetoceros debilis (marine diatom)

Nikon announces the winners of the 2013 Small World Photomicrography amazing competition. 1st Place: Wim van Egmond, Micropolitan Museum, Berkel en Rodenrijs, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands. Subject: Chaetoceros debilis (marine diatom), a colonial plankton organism.

Nikon 2013 Small World Photomicrography:

Chrysemys picta (painted turtle) retina

2nd Place: Joseph Corbo, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri. Subject: Chrysemys picta (painted turtle) retina.


Marine worm

3rd Place: Alvaro Esteves Migotto, Universidade de São Paulo, Centro de Biologia Marinha São Paulo, Brazil. Subject: Marine worm.


Paramecium sp. showing the nucleus

4th Place: Rogelio Moreno Gill, Panama City, Panamá. Subject: Paramecium sp. showing the nucleus, mouth and water expulsion vacuoles.


Hippocampal neuron receiving excitatory contacts

5th Place: Kieran Boyle, University of Glasgow, Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, Scotland. Subject: Hippocampal neuron receiving excitatory contacts.


Chamaeleo calyptratus (veiled chameleon), embryo

6th Place: Dorit Hockman, University of Cambridge, England. Subject: Chamaeleo calyptratus (veiled chameleon), embryo showing cartilage (blue) and bone (red).


Adhesive pad on a foreleg of Coccinella septempunctata

7th Place: Jan Michels, Institute of Zoology, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany. Subject: Adhesive pad on a foreleg of Coccinella septempunctata (ladybird beetle).


Barbilophozia sp. (a leafy liverwort, bryophyte plant)

8th Place: Magdalena Turzańska, Institute of Experimental Biology, University of Wrocław, Poland. Subject: Barbilophozia sp. (a leafy liverwort, bryophyte plant) and cyanobacteria.

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