Hapi Fork- can Monitor everything you Eat

The Hapi Fork by HapiLabs, is a smart fork that can monitor everything you eat and sound an alarm if you overdo!

Image © HapiLabs

The Hapi Fork can monitor exactly how much you eat and vibrates and lights flash if user tries too eat too quickly.

Comes complete with an Eating Coach app that wirelessly connects to your phone.

All HAPILABS devices are equipped with the HAPIbutton®, our groundbreaking technology that allows you to daily capture and save the HAPImoments you experience.

“The HAPIbutton® is the common response of applied neuroscience and new technologies in search of happiness. By pressing on the HAPIbutton® when you experience a positive emotion, you make the statement that you are going through an important moment; a HAPIMoment.”

Will be available for sale within months.

Hapi Fork- can Monitor everything you Eat

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source HapiLabs