Smart Skin for airplanes

‘Smart Skin’ technology could provide more accurate data to airplanes and the ability to ‘feel’ the world around them.

Researchers from BAE’s Advanced Technology Centre revealed a new technology for aircraft, to embed thousands of micro-sensors and create a smart skin, that acts like human skin.

Once applied will sense wind speed, temperature and movement accurately.

Listen to an audio interview clip with Senior Research Scientist Lydia Hyde about the revolutionary ‘smart skin’ concept.

Leading the research and development is Senior Research Scientist Lydia Hyde, said:

“Observing how a simple sensor can be used to stop a domestic appliance overheating, got me thinking about how this could be applied to my work and how we could replace bulky, expensive sensors with cheap, miniature, multi-functional ones. This in turn led to the idea that aircraft, or indeed cars and ships, could be covered by thousands of these motes creating a ‘smart skin’ that can sense the world around them and monitor their condition by detecting stress, heat or damage. The idea is to make platforms ‘feel’ using a skin of sensors in the same way humans or animals do.

via engadget

source BAE Systems