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With Sony “Smart Tennis Sensor” and app, you can take your game to the next level and easily check data on the tennis court like never before.

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor helps to elevate your racket game by providing data, such as ball impact position, ball rotation, ball speed, swing speed, etc.

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You can also play back recorded video and play data at the same time.

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Press release:

Sony is launching the Smart Tennis Sensor (SSE-TN1W), engineered for all levels of tennis players that want to optimize their tennis game and share their performance results. The new sensor takes control to the next level through real-time shot visualizations instantly available on a smartphone or tablet as well as simultaneous displaying of recorded video and shot metrics. The Smart Tennis Sensor will be compatible with select tennis racket models by top manufacturers such as Wilson, Prince and Yonex.

The unique Smart Tennis Sensor features sensing technologies alongside newly developed vibration analysis mechanics that analyze a magnitude of player movements including shot count, ball impact spot, swing speed, ball speed and ball spin. Through highly sensitive wave and motion detection, the sensor can pick up multiple swing types such as topspin forehand, slice forehand, volley forehand, topspin backhand, slice backhand, volley backhand, smash, and even attack-style serves. Sony realized these cutting-edge sensor components by utilizing the knowhow from audio and sound analysis technologies achieved through the history of Sony’s audio product developments.

Sony partnered with top tennis manufacturer Wilson, as well as Prince and Yonex to create a compact enough body to accompany the sleek yet performance-driven rackets known to generations of players. “Sony is a company which aims to enhance customers’ daily lives by offering products, applications and services which inspire and fulfill their curiosity,” said Furumi Hideyuki, SVP, the president of UX & Product Strategy Group, UX, Product Strategy and Creative Platform, Sony Corporation. “Through working with our partners in the tennis racket market, Sony will offer its Smart Tennis Sensor, to all levels of tennis players ranging from beginners to experts and is very excited about the prospect of enriching tennis with this new experience.”

Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor wirelessly connects with smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth technology with performance data spontaneously visualized through a complimentary iOS and Android supported application. Alongside showcasing real-time visualizations of swings including heat mapping and stats, the app can record rallies while simultaneously displaying shot metrics. Through the app’s social sharing features, the Smart Tennis Sensor turns single and double player matches or practice sessions into an instant sharable experience across social media.

“Wilson is thrilled to be the exclusive distributor and marketing partner with Sony on this important Tennis technology advancement,” said Mike Dowse, President of Wilson Sporting Goods Co. “As a leader in Tennis for more than 100 years, Wilson has always been at the forefront of sport innovation and is dedicated to providing the best technologies to athletes of all levels. In some cases we build that innovation, but we also seek out partners, like Sony, who have developed innovation that we view as best in class.”

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