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SmartWallit Pro, the smart wallet finder has a chip that tracks it’s location on a mobile phone or an Android.

A bluetooth device that fits into the card holder automatically links with your smartphone app and the whereabouts of your wallet can be tracked. Jack Hu, the man behind SmartWallit Pro, created a device just 4.2mm thick, which once the wallet is 30 feet away from you it sends alerts. A warning message will appear on the screen displaying the last location of your purse.

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How does it work?  

SmartWallit Pro connects with your phone through Bluetooth 4.0. All you have to do is open the SmartWallit Pro application and you will be all set. No need to dig around endlessly looking for the word Bluetooth in the Settings. Here are a few examples of how we think SmartWallit Pro will revolutionize your life.

SmartWallit Pro will cost in the region of £36 in the UK and can be ordered via Kickstarter

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