Snecma aircraft open Rotor Turbine

A new radical aircraft ‘open rotor’ engine designed by French engine manufacturer Snecma, reducing fuel consumption, engine noise and greenhouse gas emissions.     Image © Antoine Gonin, Snecma

Snecma with this new aircraft open Rotor Turbine project, is hopping to cut significantly fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels, and reduce acoustic signature powering the passenger airplanes in the 2030s.

Snecma Research & Technology Director Pierre Guillaume, said:

“An aircraft engine’s efficiency and consumption depend on the amount of air the fans draw and eject at slow speeds. With the open rotor, we will be able to considerably increase that drawn air flow because we won’t have any ducting around the fans. And that will improve consumption and cut CO2 emissions. What’s more, the current 1:5 scale prototype engine is already testing at 10 dB below the noise levels of conventional engines, about what CFM’s LEAP engines currently produce.”

via defense-update