SoftKinetic- Gesture Recognition Sensor

SoftKinetic has unveiled their latest creation in the form of the world’s smallest high definition PC gesture recognition camera sensor, called the DepthSense 325.

Based on SoftKinetic past motion recognition technology, has the size of a pocket device and uses a camera to see both 3D depth and 2D colour.

The device has been created for PC systems and can be used for games and applications, by providing them with finger and hand tracking capabilities.

“SoftKinetic is proud to release these revolutionary products to developers and OEMs. The availability of iisu 3.5 and the DS325 clearly marks a milestone for the 3D vision and gesture recognition markets. These technologies will enable new generations of video games, edutainment applications, video conference, virtual shopping, media browsing, social media connectivity and more.” Explains Michel Tombroff, CEO of SoftKinetic.

source softkinetic