Solar Impulse Cocoon inflatable hangar

Due to the devastating weather conditions the storms seriously affected Lambert-St. Louis International Airport where Solar Impulse expected to land. Solar Impulse decided to deploy its own cocoon, an inflatable hangar.    Have a look at the video…

Images © Solar Impulse

As a result of the storms, the hangar that was supposed to house the solar airplane during its Missouri stopover has been rendered inoperable. Solar Impulse deployed for the first time its own inflatable hangar – a revolutionary ultra-light, very versatile structure especially intended for the flight around the world, scheduled for 2015. The hangar, made possible thanks to our Main Partner Solvay’s valuable support, has never been used during missions. The team is a bit nervous but there are no other alternatives.

Solar Impulse Cocoon inflatable hangar

The hangar was designed to withstand winds up to 62 mph (100 km/h) and is water- and fireproof. It is meant for Solar Impulse’s second generation solar airplane, HB-SIB, for the flight around the world scheduled for 2015.

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source Solar Impulse