Solar Powered Pavilion4
Art.Rainbow is a solar-powered prefab party pavilion and “light experience.”

Solar Powered Pavilion

Conceived by Gualeni Design, the multi-colored pop up dome is a place to host both day and night events. During the day, the bright structure provides shade, while at the same time soaking in the sun’s rays. At night, the pavilion is illuminated using the energy it’s accumulated all day, creating a magical lightshow for partygoers within.

Solar Powered Pavilion3

“Art.Rainbow stores the light and the color inside during the day and gives them back outside during the night,” explains Gualeni of their design. “Take the energy, use the energy and enjoy the energy in an intelligent way, that’s the only important concept to understand, the concept of a renewable energy source.”

Solar Powered Pavilion2
Solar Powered Pavilion6
Solar Powered Pavilion5

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