Giant underwater 'oceans'

The longstanding mystery of how water arrived on Earth, it’s now maybe solved. It was in our Planet all along!

A new theory by scientists at Ohio State University, claims that the same amount of water that now fills the Pacific Ocean, could be stored in giant underwater ‘oceans’ of water in porous rock.

Researchers believe that the buried water were created at the same time the earth was and exists 400-600 kilometers (250-375 miles) beneath the surface.

Giant underwater 'oceans' (2)


They found in a $20 diamond ringwoodite, a mineral in the Earth’s mantle, that comprises molecules of water.

Wendy Panero, associate professor of earth sciences at Ohio State said.

“When we look into the origins of water on Earth, what we’re really asking is, why are we so different from all the other planets?

In this solar system, Earth is unique because we have liquid water on the surface.

We’re also the only planet with active plate tectonics.

Maybe this water in the mantle is key to plate tectonics, and that’s part of what makes Earth habitable.”

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source Ohio State University