The SonicStar supersonic business jet concept was unveiled at the 2011 Paris Air Show. The jet will be able to travel 6,000 miles at Mach 3.5, which is fast enough to make a complete circuit of the globe in under five hours.

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Cruising at 60,000 feet, you’ll be able to see the Earth curve underneath you, and the cabin is sized to comfortably seat 10-20 people.

High Supersonic VVIP Business Jet Aircraft:

Model Designation: SonicStar, very high supersonic business jet with quiet hybrid Electric turbine propulsion systems

Basic Description: Mid wing supersonic monoplane highly swept hybrid parabolic delta wing, parabolic leading edge, forward swept canard, fully integrated nacelles to FSSC and engines, center of mass ahead of the MAC of wing, commercial transport, VVIP 10 – 16 passenger transoceaniccontinental aircraft

Abbreviations and Acronym: Sonic (Supersonic) – STAR (Supersonic Aircraft Transport Research); S-MAGJET; Supersonic-Magnetic Advanced Generation Jet Electric Turbine.

Certified to occur in 2021 under the Federal Aviation Administration under Part 25 and new supersonics category, Part 135

Lead Certification Office (FAA, EASA)

Type Certification (Part 25 Transport Category); Commercial/civil transport

Operational Certification (Part 91, Part 135);

Special Conditions (Operation above 60,000 ft); Certification to 84,000 feet.


Standard Features; fully integrated hybrid supersonic, non-afterburning engines, hybrid aerodynamic double delta supersonic laminar flow wing design, pressurized cabin to 84,000 ft, custom-luxury cabin and pilot deck, 6000 nautical miles IFR capable range, Jet-A, JP-4 and JP-7 fuel capable, electromagnetic drag reduction technology affording dramatic reduction/elimination of sonic boom below 0.25 lbs/sq.ft., overland Mach 3.5 cruise.

Operational requirements; Hot and High altitude day conditions and landing distance 4800 ft, Class 4 operational acoustics condition compatible,

Performance requirements (mach 3.5 / 10 – 20 passengers, 60,000 ft)

Design philosophy; Create an unprecedented future supersonic aircraft which in performance, speed, range, luxury and comfort, and safety, is untouchable

Limit Speeds; Mach 3.8 due to aerothermodynamic heating and atmospheric conditions becoming of super-heated plasma species

Structure requirements; alloyed titanium 6.4V/2.8Al, co-cured and co-bonded nano-carbon composite structural sheet skins and thermoplastics

Manufacturing requirements; semi-autonomous staged production line to two aircraft per month