Spaceport Sweden to provide Commercial Space Flights

Spaceport Sweden Located in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland, Europe’s premier space city since 1957, is a pioneering initiative to set up space tourism and hub for commercial human spaceflights.

Image © Spaceport Sweden

Spaceport Sweden located over a hundred kilometers above the Arctic Circle, offers unique world-class experiences through the northern lights and under the midnight sun.

“Supplying launch infrastructure, R&D facilities and high-tech expertise to commercial space operators, with the potential to change the way people relate to their planet and the universe beyond.

Here, in the last wilderness of Europe, the Spaceport is working to establish a state of the art facility worthy of being Europe’s gateway into space.  Active in the development of commercial manned space flight since 2005, Spaceport Sweden is today one of the more established players in the dynamic international space industry.”

Kiruna, Swedish Lapland

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source Spaceport Sweden in Kiruna