Spark-Renault's Formula E maiden track test 1

The Spark-Renault SRT_01E electric race car has successfully completed its maiden track test at a circuit east of Paris, in La Ferté Gaucher.   Watch the video…

Racing teams, including McLaren, have been working on their own Formula E car since 2012, in preparation for the upcoming season. The Spark-Renault Formula E test marks an important new step in the car’s development following its unveiling at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The fully-electric Spark Renault SRT_01E made its successful track debut at a circuit near La Ferté Gaucher, 80km east of Paris, France. In the hands of Lucas di Grassi, it completed 40 laps during the two-day run, the objective of which was to perform an overall systems check. For the purpose of this initial test, the Spark-Renault was equipped with smaller battery, limiting the maximum power to 50 kW instead of the 200kW (270hp) peak power the car will produce in its final trim.

Di Grassi said: “It is a great feeling to be driving the Formula E car for the first time. I can assure all the drivers they will have a lot of fun with this car – even with just a quarter of the power, it has quite a lot of grip and the electric motor produces huge torque.”

source Renault