Airbus saddle seat

France-based Airbus Operations just submitted a patent for a new passenger seat, to ‘squeezing more passengers per plane.’

The Airbus new passenger ‘saddle’ seat described at the patent, resembles a bicycle seat with a small backrest. It has very little legroom and no tray table.

The seating system would only be suitable for short flights.

Airbus saddle seat 2

According to the patent application:

This seating device comprises a backrest which describes a circular translational movement towards the front and upwards of the device when the seating device is brought to the retracted configuration. A seating structure is provided comprising a bearing piece on which are fixed, side by side, a plurality of seating devices with reduced bulk. An aircraft is provided comprising a seating device with reduced bulk mounted in its cabin.

In all cases, this increase in the number of seats is achieved to the detriment of the comfort of the passengers. In effect, to increase the number of cabin seats, the space allotted to each passenger must be reduced. However, this reduced comfort remains tolerable for the passengers in as much as the flight lasts only one or a few hours.

Saddle seat

This is the ‘Skyrider’ seat first proposed in 2011.

via LAtimes