Star Spin

Here is a collection of some of the best night sky time lapse sequences from the late 2009 star-shooting year, shown with and without “star Trail” compositing techniques.

These clips were made from still images, shot with tripod-mounted Canon S5-is and Canon SX10-is digital cameras, using exposures ranging from 8 to 32 seconds, and ISO values of 400 to 1600 (with fully open aperature of f2.8).

The proprietary compositing methods used here have been developed by JCMDI, and involve the use of 5 different programs (some self-written) and process streams working in concert, to add (composite) the sequence of real images of the night sky together, in order, one after the other. The whole process, from shooting the images to video production, is a long and complex one, but well worth the effort!