Steerable single use Paper Airplanes 3

These steerable paper airplanes are specially designed as a highly affordable unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to cover a given area with cheap sensors. They are so cheap and easy to manufacture that they’ll be disposable, single use items.

Researchers led by Dr. Paul Pounds at Queensland University of Technology, created a pair of UAVs using recently developed techniques, like inkjet printable circuits, ultra-flat batteries and more.

They haven’t realized the full potential of their creation, which is much more affordable compared to the unmanned drones.

Both are designed to help save lives in the event of a forest fire.

Prototype #1 – the Polyplane

Steerable single use Paper Airplanes 1

The Polyplane it’s a paper plane, almost exactly the same design we used in school, but with a few clever upgrades.

Prototype #2 – the Samara

Steerable single use Paper Airplanes 2

The Samara uses a more traditional circuit board, is one of many devices that take their design cue from nature’s effective monowing helicopter like the maple seed.

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